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What Is The Chef’s Table… what should we expect?

What Is The Chef’s Table… what should you expect?

For those of you who knows us, you know we put our heart and soul into The Estate on Coffee Creek, it’s more than our work, it’s our home. And that’s how we try to welcome you—as a guest in a home that we love and are proud of. We are eager for you to love it too. We want you to feel special when you’re here, we want you to expect that everything, every last detail, is taken care of for you, so that you are welcomed, relaxed and at ease. And most of all, happy! That’s really what it is all about. 

The experience is about letting go and letting Chef Kustala guide you through a seasonal menu of inspirations. Dinner may range anywhere from five to fifteen courses, from local farmland, sea, stream, raised on the grounds, or foraged from the woods. Cooking styles range from classical to contemporary. We bring old world charm with new world elegance.

The chefs table may take place anywhere at the estate, depending on the season, weather, ingredients featured.

Please answer the questionnaire to assist Nick about your personal tastes and needs to help form your experience. Please call him at 440-275-5022.


1)     Have you dined at the Estate Before? If So When?

2)     How did you hear about us?

3)     What and where is your favorite restaurant you ever dined at?

4)     Are You Celebrating a special occasion?

5)     Top three favorite food?

6)     Top three least favorite foods?

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