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The Estate on Coffee Creek is a full-service catering company on site and off site, wedding venue and private Chef Dining located in Austinburg and serves Ashtabula County along with the Cleveland and surrounding areas.

With more than 25 years of experience, owner Chef Nicholas Kustala takes a personalized approach to all of his events.

We welcome you to set up an appointment with Nick to discuss all the aspects of your event. Our events are tailored to fit your vision for the special day. We have a collection of preferred vendors as well as a great team to organize, plan and put the awe in awesome for your next event. Call Chef Kustala at 440-275-5022 to set up a consultation and chat about your wedding, catering or other special events.

History of The Estate on Coffee Creek:

 » Built 1840 (175 Years Old)
 » Built with Stone from Coffee Creek
 » Took 10 Years to Construct
 » Built a Brick Factory on Clay Street to Produce Bricks
 » Features 14' Ceilings on the First Floor and 12' on the Second Floor
 » Contains Iron Finals Over All of the Windows
 » Has a Placement Value of $5 Million in Today's Standards
 » Site of the 1978 Movie, The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, Featuring Betty Davis
 » Released Owners 6 Birthday 1/23
 » Significant Part of the Underground Railroad - Greenway Trail and Hubbard House
 » Has Hiding Places in the Barn under the Horse Stalls
 » Features an On-Site Artisan Well
 » Includes a Stone Milk House
 » Located Originally on 100 Acres - Now 20 Acres
 » Nick is the Fifth Owner (French Family, Prescott, Haddock, De Fina, Kustala)

The Estate on Coffee Creek Building

Chef Nicholas Anthony Kustala

Chef Nicholas Anthony Kustala

Chef Nicholas Anthony cooks with great passion, always looking for his next inspiration. Growing up in an Italian family, where Sundays were dedicated to family dinner, he learned the importance of family, friends, and fine food at a young age.

The Estate on Coffee Creek is not just a restaurant, but his home. He says strongly, "It's one thing to go to a restaurant and another to go the chef's home! When you dine at my home, I want you to feel at home and whatever your favorite restaurant was before arriving at the Estate, has now been replaced by his restaurant in my home."

When he's not working, Nicholas usually spends father-son time with his boy, Nicholas Jr., gardening on the property, driving his classic 1953 Ford or custom 1974 Nick's Garage MG Midget, dreaming, and spending time in Puerto Vallarta or with Ginger, Belvedere, and Charlie, his faithful crew of canines.

He goes by Nick, but has handed out some killer "Nick Names" over the years!

Last Supper
Bowl of Spaghetti with Neck Bones, Meatballs, Sausage, and "Gravy" in His Grandfather's Kitchen with His Grandfather (Anthony), Momma, Father (Nick), and Son (Nicholas Jr.)

Favorite Sport and Team
Football and His Beloved Cleveland Browns

Favorite Cocktail, Shot, Champagne, Wine, and Non-Alcoholic Beverage
Rusty Nail, Tequila and Sangria, Salon, Anything Bordeaux, and Coke in the Glass Bottle

First Kitchen Job
Ceramic Technician at the Cleveland Yachting Club

Favorite Way to Begin a Meal

Favorite Ways to Chill the Heck Out
Listening to Records, Fly Fishing, and Cutting the Grass

Favorite Kitchen Tool
12" Kramer Chef's Knife

Favorite Movie of All Time
Young Frankenstein

Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island

Make your meetings, conferences and fundraising events an elegant and unique affair. Local ingredients and amazing food, coupled with the variety afforded by our distinctive meeting or banquet spaces translate into the perfect package from your company events or family celebrations.

From mingling to a grand affair, make it unforgettable!

Call Nick Kustala at 440-275-5022 for more details and to book your special event!

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